Weird Science Shows


Fairs and Festivals
The WEIRD SCIENCE SHOW can be performed outside for fairs and festivals. "Doc Ron" is happy to perform on your stage, but if needed, he can bring his own portable stage complete with his own sound system and lighting. The stage is big, so please make sure to allow a 35x25 foot area for the stage as well as enough room to be able to maneuver it for parking. Also, do not forget a nearby power source (110 amp) and plenty of seating for the huge crowds that will want to watch his shows.

Schools and Libraries etc.
"Doc Ron" would love to perform for your library or school or other event. Please allow a 20x30' performance area. If needed, a sound system can be brought, or we can use yours. A head set microphone seems to work best, but a handheld cordless microphone can be used as well.

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